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So this shirt I’m wearing? Is an extra large. Finally saying goodbye to plus sizes!

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Catalysis -- Chapter 12


Title: Catalysis
Author: Nadiacreek
Cover Art By: Hopelesslydevotedgleek
Rating: M (eventually, but it will take a very long time to get there)

Summary: Kurt Hummel chose his soulmate too early. Blaine Anderson thought he’d never have a chance to choose one at all.


Things that are Jen’s fault

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More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women.

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i even procrastinate sleep

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help/signal boost please


Ok, so guys I want to clarify something and ask for help. 

This instagram account is re-blogging fan art without crediting, and tagging Chris and Darren, which is something I DO NOT condone. I don’t agree with art/fic being re-blogged without crediting the artists and a *REALLY* disagree with them tagging actors who have expressed discomfort with RPF fic/art featuring them. 

What really upsets me though is that they’ve linked to my Livejournal in their profile. They linked to a story I thought I’d taken down that I am really uncomfortable with. I’ve deleted it (although I thought I had?? That’s totally my fail), but I want to clarify that THIS IS NOT MY ACCOUNT. I am in NO WAY affiliated with them. Anyone who is following (they have almost 2k folowers), please know that this is NOT MY INSTAGRAM in any way. An artist contacted me thinking this was my account, asking me to delete their art because they weren’t credited and felt that their art was being stolen. Obviously we worked it out when we talked and I clarified that it wasn’t my account. If there are any other artists whose art has been posted, I encourage you to report this account. Honestly I’m going to encourage anyone to do it. 

And that is the end of my angry rant. Please reblog and signal boost this post if you are up for it, because I really want people to know I have nothing to do with this AND I strongly disagree with posting art and not crediting AND tagging the actors, which I honestly find reprehensible and gross. 




I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????

wait for iiiitt……

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My scene checklist


I make sure I have all these things in mind before I start writing a scene. Yours will might be a bit different because different people have different writing techniques.

  • What is my POV character’s voice?
  • What emotion is my POV character feeling and how does that affect their voice?
  • What will happen during this scene?
  • How will this scene end?
  • How will the next scene begin?
  • Is there anything in the future I can foreshadow in this scene?
  • What are the non-POV characters thinking throughout the scene?
  • Is there anything that should periodically enter my POV character’s mind?
  • What is the character arc for everybody involved?
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we are so together

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