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Damn plot bunny hitting me when I have so much reading to do. Too bad I’ll probably never write it because it’s for the Bingo prompt I’m actually scared to do.

It’s been started. It’s at 500 words. Help me.

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Anonymous asked: Can I ask how you feel about the s6 spoilers?


For the last five years, this show has built itself a special place in my heart. Most of my “real world” friends dropped it in season 2 or 3. The hubby has tolerated it and taken a barely passing interest. No one I work with even thinks it is still on the air. Therefore, Glee has kind of been my “special thing” that I didn’t have to share even if I did sometimes have to defend.

But I have been there every week, sitting on my couch and thinking, “bring it, Glee.”

It has amused me. It has frustrated me. It has delighted me. It has angered me. It made me swoon and made me roll my eyes, often within moments of each other.

In short, it has entertained me.

And that is all I ask of the final season.

Entertain me.

Tell me stories. Sing me songs. Give me one hour a week where I don’t have to live in my world but can live in theirs.

Amuse me. Frustrate me. Delight me. Anger me. Make me swoon and make me roll my eyes.

Just entertain me.

For 13 more hours, please, just entertain me.


Thank you.

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Okay, I’m being good and starting on a paper that’s due Tuesday morning. Mostly because I only discovered the assignment ten minutes ago.

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A Lesson on Dashes


My writer friends! Come, gather. I have a tip for you. Three tips, in fact, each slightly longer than the last.

- That’s the first tip. -. It’s a hyphen. It goes inside of words or compound words to combine them. Like woopsy-daisy. Keep it inside words.

- That’s an n-dash. It’s pretty much identical to a hyphen, except this is one you put in between values in a range, like dates. 1999-2000. 2-3 eggs. Like that. It’ll get slightly longer if you put it in a word processor.

— That’s an m-dash. You get it by hitting dash twice. This is what you, my writer darlings, will mostly likely use. You use it to indicate pauses or interruptions, generally speaking. They go at the end—

Or, sometimes between—when you want that pause I mentioned, and they always go right against words—generally readers don’t like spaces in between.

So there you go! Make sure to use the right ones.

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Season Fix (not six get it, get it?)


A fanfiction multi-chaptered project consisting of 22 episodes, penned by a team of skilled, fanfiction writers who agree on creating their own organised version of Season 6. From the fandom, for the fandom because we can do so much better than those idiot TV professionals. 

Sound interesting? Volunteers ? 

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characters doing the thing where they shield other characters from harm with their own body physically hurts me

I imagine it physically hurts them too.


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you don’t realise how much tumblr has changed your view on things until you spend time with friends who don’t have tumblr and they say something and you’re just like


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it’s here:… and it’s not better, it’s worse

Ah, thanks. I really wish she’d go back to only reporting about reality shows and staying away from all this commotion. The wait until January is already bad enough…

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